Dock Equipment

Upgrade Your Loading Dock

Upgrade Your Loading Dock

We install dock levelers, dock pads and bumpers in Bismarck, ND

From grocery stores to warehouses, loading docks are an important feature of many commercial facilities. Make yours safer and more efficient with loading dock additions. Accurate Door can upgrade your dock in Bismarck, ND with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our crew can install...

  • Dock levelers
  • Dock pads
  • Dock shelters
  • Dock bumpers
  • Weather stripping

Upgrading your dock will make loading and unloading quicker and easier. It can also prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Our crew can service...

  • Edge of Docks
  • Dock Lifts
  • Dock Bumpers
  • Dock Seals

Learn more about the loading dock equipment we have available when you call us today.

Keep your loading dock in tip-top shape

Loading docks get a lot of heavy use. Loading dock levelers can wear out and break down. Dock pads and bumpers will flatten from repeated use. But preventive maintenance will keep your loading dock fully operational. Accurate Door will find potential issues with your dock and replace worn out equipment. If your dock leveler does break down, we can perform emergency repairs.

Call us at 701-751-7800 for loading dock equipment or repairs in Bismarck, ND.