Commercial Entry Doors

Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Install commercial walk-through entry doors or commercial garage doors in Bismarck, ND

Is your front door looking old and worn? Give it a crisp, professional appearance by installing a new door. Accurate Door can come to your Bismarck, ND location and inspect your door. We'll recommend a replacement that fits your building and suits your needs.

Our crew installs...

  • Commercial Entry Doors
  • Commercial Walk-Through Doors
  • Swinging Doors
  • Handicap Door Openers
  • HM Doors
  • Storefront Doors
  • Controlled Access Systems
  • Commercial garage doors
  • New Hardware

The doors we install are durable and will last for decades. They'll keep out intruders and the elements. Your business will also make a great first impression on visitors with an attractive walk-though or swinging door.

Contact us for more information about commercial garage doors and entry doors.

Swinging Door Services

  • Broken or Loose Hinges
  • Rusty Frame and Door Issues
  • Leaking or Damaged Closers
  • Exit and Fire Devices not working properly
  • Access Device Malfunction

  • Sweep and Threshold Repair
  • Storefront Doors not Closing Properly
  • Concrete Heaving
  • Vandalism or Break in Damage

Garage Door & Sectional Door Services

  • Spring Replacement
  • Cable Replacement
  • Rollers Replaced
  • Replace Worn Weather Strip

  • Replace Bottom Astragal
  • Troubleshoot Motor and Operators
  • Section Replacement

Hollow Metal Doors

We sell, install, and repair hollow metal doors, frames, and hardware.. Typically, a hollow metal door is prepped for the type of hardware that is anticipated for the door. More specifically, if the hollow metal door needs a closer, we will reinforce the closer area of the door. Our new hollow metal doors come primed to paint. We typically do not do the painting. We recommend that you paint the slabs after the installation so that the paint is not damaged during the install.

Welded and Knock-down Frames

Typically a welded frame is utilized for new construction and a knock-down frame is for remodels. The welded frame comes welded together at the points where the frame legs connect to the frame header. In contrast, a knock-down frame is bolted together inside the existing opening. Sometimes frames are concrete filled to better reinforce the entrance.

Is your door malfunctioning?

Don't rush to replace your door when it breaks. Accurate Door repairs all kinds of doors in and around Bismarck, ND. If you're dealing with a broken spring, remember that we offer commercial garage door repair services. If your door is dented, our crew can fix the framework. Contact us for emergency repairs and we'll get your door repaired as quickly as possible.

Don't get locked out of your place of business. Call 701-751-7800 today for commercial garage door repair services.